Amazon for Brandon

How does it work?

When you click on the button below, you will go to an page that includes “branscho-20” in the web page name.  You will not see anything else different and you can shop as usual.  However, once your order is shipped, Amazon will pay Brandon School a percentage of your purchase!


How easy is that?


What percentage of my purchase goes to Brandon School PTA?


Will anyone see what I purchase and how much I spend?

Your privacy is important to us! Using a password, the Brandon PTA member in charge of our connection to Amazon will see a listing of the items people purchase, listed along with the monetary percentage.  This will allow us to double-check that Brandon does indeed get the correct  amount from Amazon.  However, purchaser’s names are not seen.

Can anyone use this link?

Yes! Anyone can use this button link as well as this link: .  Tell your friends and family about this so they can easily support Brandon, too!


Go Islanders!