Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Welcome! My name is Mrs. Tuttle or Mrs. “T” for short. I am Brandon’s Library Media Specialist. Our library is located at the front of the school, just off the parking lot, in what was Brandon’s old multi-purpose room. That’s right! Think a library with a stage and you’ve come to the right spot. After the renovation there are almost 22,000 books and magazines lining the shelves and waiting here for their readers be they students, staff members, or parents.

I invite parents to drop by after school, say hello, and check out books to share with their own children. Think of us as your local Public Library.I am fortunate to be here at this exceptional school with its wonderful staff and a great “collection” of kids. I hope to see you soon!

Battle of the Books: 2019 List

Students often ask me if I like my job as librarian and I tell them absolutely yes, without a doubt, because I love books and I love inquiring young minds. I must admit that I also like to laugh and enjoy telling true-life “whopper” stories.

I want students to understand the workings of our library and to recognize that they will find the very same library structure at their Jr. High School, their High School and at their Public Library. I also want students to learn how to research, to enjoy the hunt, to persevere until they have all the facts they need. True research doesn’t happen with a single, down-loading flick of the wrist, but with a steadfast and persistent mind that has learned all avenues of inquiry.

I believe my job here at Brandon is to help facilitate the love of learning. I want students to enjoy reading, to begin reading at their appropriate level and to progress at their own natural speed.

The Brandon Library contains a large Picture Book section with special Dr. Seuss and Caldecott Award collections. The Rookie Chapter Book center supplies fun and excitement for the emerging reader. The Sports Fiction section, including sports biographies, has been designed and placed up front and center for the die-hard fan. The once large traditional Fiction collection has been replaced with focused reading book groups, or genres, including Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction and finally Thrillers, Chillers and Ghost stories. A Challenge Reading section composed of the Classics and the prestigious Newbery Award books rounds out the Fiction section.

The Brandon Library has a large complete and up-to-date Non-Fiction Collection that is accompanied by a Junior or “Pee Wee” Non-Fiction section located near the Picture Books. The California History Collection continues to expand with new and exciting materials. California Historical Fiction is included. Libros en Español is an area which includes both fiction and non-fiction books in Spanish. The library’s Reference section includes encyclopedias in both English and Spanish. A large collection of magazines ranging from sports to science and history join the Graphic Novel and Jokes and Humor collections to finish off the inventory.

Two new exciting features were donated to the library by a benevolent District principal. They are ship models, nay, replicas of famous sea craft. The first is the famous 1921 Canadian schooner racer named Bluenose The second is the ultra famous English galleon, The Revenge. (Look that one up in the Battle of Flores 1591)