• Jog-a-thon

    The Brandon PTA is so thankful to those families who contributed to the Invest in Your Islander Campaign.  Unfortunately, this effort did not raise enough to continue the valuable programs and experiences the PTA brings to our children.

    The Brandon PTA is kicking off the biggest fundraising effort of the year… the

    PTA Jog-a-thon

    We will be

    Running for Funds  &  Running for Fun

     for the love of Brandon!


    We need to raise $25,000. It will take $25,000 for


    • Specialists – PE, Art, Computer Lab and Music
    • Class Field Trips
    • Classroom Materials
    • Cultural Arts Assemblies


    We need to raise $25.000 for these programs to continue!

    Look for information in the Friday Folders this week.

    Take the envelopes to family and friends.

    Use the Thanksgiving holiday to ask out of town family members to support Brandon School!

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